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Arcadia Café

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Locates on the 7th floor, the Arcadia Café is a cozy place where you can temporarily escape the fast-pace in the city and enjoy a carefree dinging time with relaxing background music. At Arcadia Café, we provide Chinese or western-style lunch and dinner sets, British-style afternoon tea, as well as many delicacies and chef’s specials. Dining here is a wonderful experience.

Hours and Prices:
  • Breakfast 06:30~09:30 
  • ※The new rate is  Adult NT$480+10%、Children NT$330+10% and  effect on 1st January 2015.
    Afternoon Tea (British Style) 14:30~17:00
  • NT$320+10% per guest.
  • Those who are no taller than 114 cm are considered as kids and will not be charged.
    Those who are 115 cm to 150 cm are considered as children.
    Those who are taller than 151 cm are considered as adults
  • Reservation:(03)426-8700
    All the above prices are subject to changes without prior notice. Please refer to the on-site announcement. 
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