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Fullon Hotel Jhongli

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By Car :
  • 1.Northbound to Zhongli: Take Freeway No. 1, leave at Xinwu Interchange, turn right to Minzu Rd., which connects to Zhongzheng Rd., then go straight to arrive at the hotel.
  • 2.Southbound to Zhongli: Take Freeway No.1, leave at Neili Interchange and go straight on Zhongyuan Rd.. Turn right to Zhonghua Rd. and go straight, then turn left to Zhongzheng Rd. to arrive at the hotel.
  • 3.Take Freeway No. 3, leave at the “21 KM” sign where Daxi Interchange connects Highway No.66, turn right and go straight on Zhongfeng Rd.. Turn right to Yanping Rd., then turn right again to Zhongzheng Rd. to arrive at the hotel.
By Bus:
  • Take Kuo-Kuang Bus and get off at Zhongli Main Station. Arrive at the hotel after one minute on foot.
By Train:
  • Get off at Zhongli Station. Leave from the front exit and walk along Zhongzheng Rd. for two minutes to arrive at the hotel.
By Taiwan High Speed Rail:
  • Get off at Taoyuan Station. Take any transportation heads to Downtown Zhongli and arrive at the hotel after 15 minutes ride.